The Pooch Plunge

Tonight we took a family outing to the Lawrence City Pool for the Pooch Plunge.  Every year, the day after the pool closes for swimmers of the human variety, the city has a three hour dog swim before the pool is drained.  For $4 a pup and proof of shots, it was great fun to watch the sheer doggie joy.

The Wee Welshman didn't need any encouragement.  I think he would swim himself to death if we'd let him--hence the life jacket.

Dsc03135Porterhouse unfortunately did not have quite so much fun.  It's always a question with her--she hates to be left at home alone, but she's not really into going and doing either.  We try to split the difference when we can.  Tonight, although she was clearly stressed, she was actually doing OK until a huge, black poodle kept sniffing her despite her warnings to back off.  Then, with Moe's teeth chattering, it was time to head for home.

And now Moe is dreaming of his swim.  He's been sacked out for hours, but every so often his front feet twitch back and forth in a little half dog paddle.

Here are s'more pictures of Moe and here's one of Porter.