Moe Speaks: Band Day

What a busy day I've had!

Mom and I got up early and had an obedience lesson with my old agility teacher. She sure is tough--she was using a cat as my distraction!

After a shower, Mom and I went down town to the jewelry store where Dad works to watch a parade. All the ladies that Dad works with gave me lots of pets and attention; then we went outside and watched lots of people walk by. They were all wearing funny hats and matching clothes. I sure would have liked to play with some of the feathery stuff on their hats--and the music! Every group that walked by was playing something different.

Once the parade was done we went home and took a nap. Then Dad got home and we bundled up and went to campus. There were all sorts of people there! We spread out our blanket at the top of the big hill. There was something going on down below--some kind of game with lots of people and lights. Mom says it's called football, but I didn't pay much attention to it. I was more interested in the kids from the next blanket over that were throwing frisbees. 

Then when the game stopped for awhile all the people that were in the parade walked out onto the field--well, they sort of walked, they weren't really walking the way that humans usually walk, but I can't think of a better word. Anyway, once they all were in the middle they started playing more music--it was great!