Moe Speaks: Jail Rocks!

Mom got a big box in the mail today, and was very excited. She said it was an x-pen.

Once she got it set up--in the living room--Mom said we were going to get inside and play jail. At first I was suspicious, but Mom got in first with a pocketful of treats. Then she started throwing my toys in there! Then she put in my favorite pillow! It was like our own little fort, outfitted with all of my very favorite things.

Then--and this was the really funny part--her and Dad were trying to get Porter to come in. So Mom and Dad both got into the x-pen and started coaxing her. It was too crowded for me, so I got out and let Porter get in instead. 

There they were, my entire family sitting in jail. If only I had thumbs I could have played a great joke and locked them all in for the night.