Someone please help me--is this good news or bad?

JKR updated her website today, giving me many more words to parse through in my speculations on the Book 7 release date.  For awhile I was feeling quite optimistic about a Summer 2007 release, but these latest progress updates make it seem like maybe she's not so far along.  But then on the other hand . . . .  Argh!  She's maddening!  For example:

"Now that I'm back from New York, the only real news is that I'm continuing to work hard on the book. I've done quite a lot, and I'm really enjoying it, though every now and then I look up and realise that it's THE LAST ONE.


"I am currently trying to decide between two possible titles. I was quite happy with one of them until the other one struck me while I was taking a shower in New York. They would both be appropriate, so I think I'll have to wait until I'm further into the book to decide which one works best."

Part of me thinks, "If she's going to have it done by Christmas (which was when she announced that she was done with HBP which was released the following summer) she really ought to be wrapping it up by now."  But then another part of me thinks, "Would she really tell us if she was almost done?"  Because really, as much as I agonize about it, the suspense is a lot of fun.

And, perhaps to make up for her Book 7 ambiguity, she dropped a fun tidbit--a question no one has ever asked that would be profitable.

"Why did Dumbledore have James' invisibility cloak at the time of James' death, given that Dumbledore could make himself invisible without a cloak?

"Prior to posting this I had a quick look on-line, and realised that some fans have been speculating about this question. However, nobody has ever asked me about it, and they really should have done. Just to allay the fears of the justifiably suspicious, this isn't what we in the know call 'a Mark Evans situation.'* There IS a significant - even crucial - answer."

Of course, my wheels have been whirring all day trying to come up with speculations, but I think such a "crucial" question deserves its own fully fleshed out post.