Moe Speaks: Porter Did Something Nice, I Did Two Somethings Nice, Mom Was Not Nice

Every so often, Mom makes Porter and I a little midnight snack out of something we don't ordinarily get. Last night we had apples and yogurt. Because I like both apples and yogurt I gulped my portion right down. Porter ate hers more slowly. She doesn't really like apples, you see, but she does love yogurt, so she licked all the yogurt off her apples. 

Now sometimes Porter's mean and won't let me have stuff, just because, even though she doesn't really want it herself. But last night she was a sweetie and let me eat all of her leftover apples--wasn't that nice of her?

To repay the favor, I was extra sweet to Mom in turn. I slept in my crate for part of the night (instead of on top of her legs). Then this morning when she woke up early because she was sneezing (Dad says she has something called "allergies") I snuggled with her on the couch, even though her big sneezes were a little scary.

But you know what Mom did? After all my sweetness, she still didn't let me take a shower this morning. Not very nice, if you ask me.