Garden Dreaming [With Seeds for You!]


I'm convinced that people don't plan gardens in February because they have to.  It really only takes a little time; it could easily be snuck in over some rainy March weekend.  

No, people plan gardens in February to keep from going mad.  

Our snow is starting to melt, thankfully.  But when 30 degrees feels balmy and I've stepped on one of the Kid's trains for the fifth time in a day, it's time to get out my bucket'o'seeds, take stock, and start doodling.

I've decided that this year's big mission is to get something to grow in the shade under our maple trees.  Something that will reproduce each year without much effort from me, and that's tall enough that the chickens won't kill it.  I'm thinking of maybe planting coneflowers?

And then, I want to get our mint bed well established--a project I began last year, but never really dug in on.

Veggie-wise, I'm plotting two whole beds for peppers, now that I've discovered how easy it is to make homemade hot sauce.  

And I ordered a package of rainbow carrots from Cubit's, because we've discovered that the Kid is in love with them.  I can't wait until he figures out he can pick them out of the ground.

What about you all?  Anyone doodling out gardens or (for you lucky warm climate people) planting them?

For those of you who are--a treat!  Laura from Cubit's Organic Seeds is generously giving away a six pack of herb seeds to one My Bit of Earth reader.  The seeds included are basil, dill, parsley, savory, sage, and thyme--a nice little bit of everything, really!  

To win, leave a comment below with your favorite thing to grow, or--if you're just getting started with the gardening bug--what you're most excited to try growing.  I'll pick a winner this time next week.