Hogwarts the Ride?

According to this story, Jo has signed a letter of intent with Disney to begin preliminary planning for a Harry Potter themed amusement park. 

It all seems very sketchy, and parts of the article make me doubt its truthfulness just a little.  For example, it lists the Book 7 release date as 7/7/07 when we all know--all too well--that such date has not yet been made public (although I find it really amusing that everyone is assuming, including me).

If it is true, I'm a little torn.  On one hand, getting to go to Hogwarts, even a made-by-Disney Hogwarts, would be incredibly fun.  On the other, the commercialism of a made-by-Disney Hogwarts might make me sicker than a vomit flavored Bertie Botts. 

Update:  TLC is now reporting that this is not true--I thought it sounded a little fishy!