The Power of the Internet

Today Sweet Husband and I took a foray into the future.  The fridge was empty, a trip to the grocery store was necessary, but somehow both of us could think of much more worthwhile pursuits for our Sunday afternoon--reading a good book, watching the Sunday movie, throwing toys for the dogs.  Enter online grocery shopping.

For $10 our local supermarket will gather all your groceries and meet you with them at the door, for $15 they'll bring them to your house.  We decided to go with the pickup option; our groceries will be ready for us by 4 tomorrow afternoon.

The ordering system was very intuitive.  Everything was organized by "aisles", so the stuff that's usually in the dairy section (e.g. yummy orange sweet rolls) was in the dairy section.  In addition there was a nice search feature for looking up that stuff that doesn't necessarily fit anywhere obvious--like refried beans.

My complaints?  There are no weekend pickup times.  We decided we could scrounge up enough around the house to wait for our groceries until tomorrow, but some weekends that just wouldn't cut it.  We also had trouble buying meat.  Since there are only two of us (as opposed to the requisite 2 adults and 2 1/2 kids) we had difficulty getting the quantity we wanted.

More generally, I'm not sure if I like the way shopping online kind of eliminated some of the spontaneity of grocery shopping.  Instead of being able to look at the apples and decide which variety looked best, we had to just pick Fuji's and hope they would be good. 

But I can't complain too much.  It took me 45 minutes (but would only take about 15 now that I have a basic list saved), I didn't have to change out of my pj's, and now I can get back to my book.

I'll update once we've gotten our groceries and let you know how it goes.