Report: Online Grocery Shopping

After work today, I picked up the groceries we ordered online.  Getting them was a little strange; I don't think many people actually do the store pick-up option.  I assume that mine was the only order today, as they didn't even ask my name.  I stopped someone at the front and told them I had ordered my groceries online, he had me wait while he called someone, and in about three minutes me and my stuff were on the way out the door.

Our chief concern was that the produce wouldn't be fresh, but generally it was great.  The "slightly green" bananas were, in fact, slightly green.  The Fuji apples were very nice.  The avocado, although a bit more ripe than I would have picked myself, was well within acceptable parameters.  All told, it was a pretty good experience.

At $10 a time, it probably isn't something we'll do every week, but on weekends when we aren't home or are super busy it's definitely cheaper than eating out until someone can get to the store.