The Real-Life Trio

While I (obviously) am very attached to Harry, Ron, and Hermione, I'm perhaps even more charmed by the Daniel-Rupert-Emma trio.  Two bits in Newsweek this week (a Q&A and an article) about Daniel Radcliffe show why.  An excerpt:

"NEWSWEEK: When you go to places like the Reading Festival, do you have to worry about being recognized?

Daniel Radcliffe:
It’s not so much being recognized. The only thing you have to worry about is press. But we pretty well got away with it. There was only one photo of me [that was published] with some headline about the hat I was wearing. [Laughs.] Yeah, some really important news. Groundbreaking stuff. So, no, people recognizing you is not really an issue. In fact, one of the best moments of the festival for me was on the first day: My friends and I walked out of this tent, and there was this guy passed out on the floor. He woke up, just momentarily, went, [in slurry, drunk voice] “It’s Harry Potter!” and collapsed again. [Laughs]"

They were rich and famous at age 11, they get to practically live at Hogwarts, and they've met J.K. Rowling multiple times--enough that, were they anyone else, it would be hard not to be crazy-jealous.  But then you read interviews with them--funny, smart, humble, thoughtful--and it's impossible not to feel that you could be good friends with all three.