Brave Ladies

Two rays of sunshine on a dark, misty day . . . .

First, have a read about Goldie the Airdale, a gorgeous girl who survived on her own for two years in the wild and spent part of that time unable to use her hind legs.  She's now been rescued and is getting the care she needs to get well.  (Maybe it's because she looks so much like Moe, but I just want to give her big cuddles and a steak.)  You can say many things about terriers, but you can't say they lack courage.

Second, a story about female rescuers in Islamic countries.  Although, it's heartbreaking to me that there are men that would rather see their female relatives die than be touched by a strange man, it's beyond cool that there are women who are learning to help themselves and other women to avoid that choice being made.  The last paragraph says it all:

“There was such a sense of freedom at the beginning, when I rappelled off a mountain on ropes,” says Alam. “It felt like flying. For the first time, I felt independent. Then I saw my mother-in-law was clapping for me. She told everyone, ‘My son’s wife is very different from other women. She is very brave.’ I felt so proud to be able to do this work, to know I can save lives."