Moe Speaks: BRRRR!

I got groomed last week--Dad took me to the good people, the people who like me. The only problem? Well, Mom forgot to tell Dad, and Dad forgot to tell the groomers to leave a little extra hair on me because it's cold out. Brrr! Mom tries to help by putting on my sweater or my hoodie, but I don't really like either. They make me feel funny when I walk or move, and I'd rather be cold. But at least Mom lets me cuddle with her.

The other night I was trying to crawl up between Dad and Mom in bed (which is definitely against Dad's rules, but sometimes ok with Mom). Dad pushed me back down to the foot of the bed where it's all cold, and I started shivering like mad. I think Dad must have felt bad for me then; not bad enough to let me snuggle, but he did go get me a blanket and tuck me in so I'd be warmer.