Moe Speaks: The Heartland Halloween Happening--Day 1

I was so confused this morning. Mom got up early (like she does when she had to go to work) but then she started loading my stuff into the car. Sure enough, we were going to do some earthdogging--but that's not all we did.

We went to the Heartland Halloween Happening, a trial that our local Jack Russell club holds every year. It certainly was exciting! We showed off my costume and had hot dogs and did agility and found rats in tunnels and in hay--and we get to go back tommorrow for more even--it was crazy-mad-fun!

Oh, and Mom says I have to say . . . .

I won first place in novice agility on-lead; second place in open adult go-to-ground, weinnie bobbing, and the contest for the lickiest terrier; third place in the barn hunt; and fourth place in the costume contest.