The Heartland Halloween Happening--Day 1

Dsc03664After spending all day Friday a-bed with a yucky tummy, it was awesome to get outside today for some terrier fun.  The Wee Welshman and I went to Ottawa for the Heartland Halloween Happening, a Jack Russell trial held every year by the Heartland Working Jack Russell Terrier Club.  The weather was gorgeous, and Moe had a blast participating in all of the terrier events.  He took first place in the novice agility on-lead (in which I almost didn't enter him because we haven't practiced since last summer); second in open adult go-to-ground (similar to earthdog, he made it through the tunnel in 8.5 seconds), weinner bobbing (think bobbing for apples, but with hot dogs), and in the lickiest terrier contest (yup, just what it sounds like); third in the barn hunt (wherein I had to recognize which tube a rat was in based on his reaction); and fourth in the Halloween costume contest (I think we got jipped because the judge didn't know who Harry Potter was.) 

Whew--it was a lot of fun, and the Welshman is now completely crashed out in his chair.  We go back for more tomorrow!