A New Kind of Fun

One time, at least 5 years ago, I made a very brief foray into Harry Potter fan fiction.  At best, I found it to be inauthentic--no one writes Jo's character's better than Jo, and I hated seeing them butchered by others.  At worst, it was just scary--Hermione, Draco, bondage, enough said.

With that being my experience, I wasn't in a terrible hurry to check out the stories written by the winners of Mugglenet's "Quicksilver Quill" fan-fic contest.  But, well, there was nothing on TV last night and I was bored, so I started reading the winner for "Best General Story". 

I was absolutely pleasantly surprised.

While "Oblivious" was not of JKR quality, it was still pretty good.  The characters were very true to themselves (i.e. true to Jo's version of them) and the plot was plausible.  The story was centered on Lupin, and allowed for much greater development of his character.  Additionally, it was interesting to see the "Harry Potter world" from what genuinely could have been Lupin's point of view.  I also really liked that it presented a lot of the same themes that are presented in the books, like life being about choices more than abilities, friendship and love are important, and etc.  (And there were no alternative sexual practices involved--it's a kids' book, for goodness sake!)

I think I may have found something to tide me over for some of the wait for Book 7.