Moe Speaks: Reformulated Greenies Get a Resounding Two Paws Down

Mom went to the pet store last night to get some food for my birds, and while she was there she got Porter and I some of the new Greenies. We haven't been allowed to eat Greenies for awhile now--ever since Porter yacked up one in big scary chunks--but Mom read that the company had changed hands and changed the recipe to help make it more digestible, so she decided we could try them again.

It tasted so good, just like I remembered. But then this morning after Mom and Dad left, my tummy started to feel funny. I needed to go outside RIGHT AWAY, so I rang my bell really hard. I rang it so hard that it came off of the door even, but no one was home to hear me.

I tried very hard not to, but unfortunately when ya gotta go, ya gotta go--I had an accident. A big, drippy, smelly, all the way across the room accident. I'll leave you to guess what color it was--Yuck!