At Last! Some News Worth Newsing About

I was slightly dreading preparing my weekly quote for QQQ Friday this week.  Why?  Because that would have made it the 3rd QQQ without even a smidgen of news in between.

But really it's not that I've been a sluggish blogger, it's just that HP news lately has, for all practical purposes, completely flat-lined.  Sure the teaser trailer for the Order of the Phoenix movie is coming out in a few days (and from early reports it sounds great), but no point writing about that until I've seen it so...there I was back with no news.

Movie_5_posterUntil today!  Because today the Order of the Phoenix teaser poster was released.  And although the poster doesn't impress me all that much--I was thinking of something more along the lines of the corridor at the Ministry of Magic--it is something to blog about, for which I am grateful.