Meet Mr. Ed Emberly



Who is Ed Emberly, you ask?  Ed Emberly is the man who made this ordinary mama into a hero.

It was one of our rocking Friday nights at The Toy Store.  The Kid was playing at the train table, and I was perusing the book section when I saw it--Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Trucks and Trains.  I quickly flipped through and realized that unlike other drawing "how-to" books, which always seem to still require some level of skill, this one really was as simple as being able to draw rectangles, circles, and lines.  And for about $5?  I was sold.

Sweet Husband--who will be know for the rest of this post as "the Snobby Art School Grad"--was mildly critical of the 2-D nature of the drawings, but I have no such artistic aspirations.

"I just want to be able to draw a train on a restaurant napkin for my son!" I retorted with mock desperation.

While I still have lots of different train cars to learn, I've just about got this little steam engine memorized.  In fact, I decided to color copy this green guy and use it for thank-you notes for the Kid's birthday.  He looks a little wobbly for a long journey, perhaps, but for delivering gratitude to our friends around town, I think he'll do.

And, what's more, apparently Mr. Emberly has a whole slew of similar drawing books to help me out once I've mastered trains and trucks.  I'm excited to continue my doodling education! 

[And the winner of the Cubit's giveaway is Christy!]