It Keeps Getting Better

I'm running out of cute "oh look, it's more great stuff promoting the movie" headlines, but TLC now has the HBO special "first look" at OOP up.  It gives away a lot more than even the teaser so be warned if this is something you don't want to know.

I think the villains in this one are going to be completely delicious (Umbridge and Bella both!).  There are some parts that I envisioned differently, like Grawp and the Hall of Prophecy, but in this case I think different might not be bad for me. 

I really love the scene where Snape is teaching Harry Occlumency--Harry: "I'm not weak"; Snape "Then prove it!"--I think it might really end up helping out some of the Snape-is-not-a-death-eater people.  It's all in the look on Alan Rickman's face--like he needs Harry to get Occlumency, needs it so desperately that he's beyond the point of pussy-footing around or being sarcastic even.  Yes, yes, I know--the movies don't "prove" anything, but Rickman has to have discussed his character with Jo, and I think that makes him as good a person as any to watch for clues.

And Dumbledore.  I make no secret of the fact that I'm not a fan of Michael Gambon's Dumbledore.  I thought he was doddering in PoA, and borderline abusive in GoF.  I know he's not really that bad, it's just that he's not Richard Harris.  *Sigh*  But despite my anti-Gambon leanings I think that all of the anxiousness/fear/even anger that I thought was inappropriate for Dumbledore in GoF is probably right on course for OOP, so maybe Gambon will be better this time around.