Get Well Jars

IMG_4891 Get Well Kit in a Jar IMG_4931
I've gotten to know our family doctor much better over these past three years, so I knew that--while she's sensibly stingy with scripts for antibiotics--when she winced and knitted her eyebrows together after looking at the Kid's ears we were headed to the pharmacy.

I can't figure out how other people make a seamless transition from their doctor's office to their pharmacy.  Similarly to a friend who always gets her order mixed-up no matter which restaurant she's at, the supposed transfer of a prescription just never works out for me.

So the Kid and I were stuck wandering the aisles of our grocery store while the miscommunication got figured out.  After I passed the rack of cold medication for the third time, I remembered seeing an idea for "Get Well Kits", and decided that--since we didn't have anything better to do--I'd pick up some supplies to make a few pre-made kits of my own.

While the little basket at the link is charming, I decided I wanted a container that I could make up ahead of time and store in my cabinet.  I also like the idea of being able to drop one on a friend's doorstep without making her have to come to the door in her jammies or wake up from a nap--so something a bit weatherproof.  Mason jars fit the bill perfectly.

I filled each one up with hand sanitizer, chap stick, tea, Emergen-C, cough drops, and one pretty vintage handkerchief.  (They're the best thing for sore noses!)

I most certainly am not wishing the yucky sickness we've had on any of our friends, but should someone happen to catch it, I'll be prepared to make it more comfortable.