Moe Speaks: I Found a Mouse

When it gets cold outside, sometimes brave little field mice decide to come into our house. Dad sets the springy peanut buttery things, but I'm also always on the prowl. One time I even caught one--it was great fun to play with!

And yesterday, I smelled another one. I looked into the little space between the fridge and the cabinet, and I saw him laying on top of one of the springy peanut buttery things. I barked and scratched like mad, trying to get to him. Mom heard me and she came running in to see what was the matter.

When she saw what I had found, she started laughing. She told me, "Good boy, Moe-moe! But next time find me one that's a little more lively." 

Yup, it's true, centuries of terrier instinct and I found one already dead mouse.