Counting Down the Days

Dsc04219_9For several years I've been searching for an advent calendar.  You'd be surprised at how hard it is to find one that's appealing to people over age 8.  I really love the advent house in the movie Christmas Vacation, but I just can't see blowing my whole Christmas budget on one.  Sooo....that leaves me waiting several years until we maybe have kid and I can live vicariously through him or her or still searching.

But this year I think I've found a solution.  Inspired by this pretty countdown tree, I got a tiny fake potted tree at the craft store, a little ribbon, some tasty, all natural, apple pie flavored doggy treats (they smell incredible!), and--wahlah--a pretty and grown-up little advent tree.

Do the dogs get that we're counting down the days until Christmas?  Eh, no, but they understand treats every night, and that's perfectly wonderful to me.

(On a slightly ironic note, however, the day I made this tree for the pups was also the day we had to put our Christmas tree IN JAIL to protect the presents underneath from the very same diabolical duo--I ask you, where's the gratitude?)