(I apologize in advance for this trivial post.  I do realize that there are people starving and dying and all sorts of worse things to be upset about in the world, however, right now....)

I was just looking at the website for Grey's Anatomy, and saw that they're doing a re-run next week.  I thought, "Well, hmm, OK, didn't see that before and it kind of stinks, but I'll check and see what's going to be on the next week after that."  Come to discover, it will be all re-runs for the entire month of December--the next new episode will not be airing until 1/4/07! 

How on earth am I supposed to sanely traverse the holidays without my weekly hour of escapism?  How can I live with the suspense of not knowing whether Burke and Christina are really getting back together?  Whether George is going to stop being so angry?  Whether Izzy's going to hook up with McSteamy?


(And if that doesn't have you worried enough, I'm seriously considering getting this for Moe, and I think this is the coolest coffee mug ever.)