Paperwhites Pushing Up

Dsc04262These are some paperwhites that I planted the day before Thanksgiving.  I think a deeper container might have been good.  I'm continually tamping down dirt around the roots, and they're still pushing up, as you can see.  But really, that's what I love about these bulbs; there are good years and bad years, but even when you do something wrong you really can't screw them up. 

This year I'm trying an experiment--I'm trying to grow some in my office under only fluorescent lights.  So far they're doing just as well as these that are growing in my windowsill at home.  If they keep going as they've started, I'll be completely convinced that paperwhites are the perfect plant.  They're always pretty, they always smell great, and (what's even better) there's still time to plant some and have them blooming for the holidays--so what are you waiting for?