Magical Mousy

Dsc04294You may remember that about this time last year we brought home Poppy and Crocus to aid in Moe's earthdog training.  One year later dear Poppy is still with us, and--although she has yet to see the inside of a tunnel--she's still enjoying life and peanuts in her little rat penthouse. 

Honestly, I would have never gotten a rat without some sort of ulterior motive, but after careful observation I must admit that she's a very charming little critter--even if she never does quite make it as an "earth-rat" I'm not sorry we got her.  The other day, for example, I couldn't find her ordinary bedding (the regular, gray-colored Carefresh) at the pet store, so I had to buy the white "super absorbent" variety.  When I put her back into the cage she appeared to be quite pleased, diving and rolling happily in her very own Christmas "snow".