Doggie Christmas Shopping--Where Is the Line And Should I Feel Bad If I've Crossed It?

Tonight, having finished shopping for the human members of my family over a week ago, I did some Christmas shopping for the dogs.  Buying presents for the dogs always puts me in a little bit of a quandary.  Moe would be happy with a few cheap squeaky toys, Porter with even less; occasionally, there's a need to buy something that just makes all of our lives easier (a double ended leash for walking both dogs at once, for example); and sometimes they just need practical stuff around the holidays and so it becomes a present (like new toothbrushes).  Once I get beyond all of that though, I really start to question whether I'm buying things for the dogs or for-the-dogs-but-really-for-myself. 

You know what I'm talking about--the cutesy collars, more than one winter coat, super premium toys.  I start thinking about all the dogs that are in shelters, and how I could donate to dogs that have nothing rather than spoiling my two with stuff they don't even necessarily care about.  I start thinking that maybe it's just a waste of money to buy a more expensive toy (that's cuter to me) when it might not make any difference to the dogs. 

On the other hand, it's my money--I work for it.  Should I really feel bad about spending it in any way that I choose?

Either way, as soon as I walk into the pet store any moral problems I have melt away and I come home with things like a 2 foot dinosaur that squeaks.

And I do donate to the Humane Society anyway, and I do try to get a mix of stuff that's really for the dogs (toys and treats) and stuff that's for-them-for-me.  Which helps soothe my conscience a little, at least....