Moe Speaks: My Presents Are In Jail--Anydoggy Know How I Can Spring 'Em- Out?

First Mom put our Christmas tree in jail. That kind of made me mad, because it meant that I couldn't taste anymore presents, but since the presents really didn't taste all that great anyway I figured I'd live. 

But then last night Mom came home with presents for me! She put big bows on them and put them in jail with the rest of the presents. I barked and whined and scratched at the jail walls, but I couldn't get through to them. Mom tried to distract me with all sorts of treats and things (I swear she thinks I have the attention span of a teaspoon) but I kept going back to the tree. I've just gotta figure out how to bail out my new toys!

(Note from Moe's Mom: I ask you all to send positive vibes/prayers/good thoughts my way today, in hopes that I don't go home to find x-pen and tree knocked over and Moe sleeping happily with a destroyed toy between his paws. I think our set up is Moe-proof, but that sort of thinking always seems to lead to trouble!)