Quick Quotes Quill Friday: Christmas at Grimmauld Place

O_chap23"Sirius's delight at having the house full again, and especially at having Harry back, was infectious.  He was no longer their sullen host of the summer; now he seemed determined that everyone should enjoy themselves....and he worked tirelessly in the run-up to Christmas Day, cleaning and decorating with their help, so that by the time they all went to bed on Christmas Eve the house was barely recognizable.  The tarnished chandeliers were no longer hung with cobwebs but with garlands of holly and gold and silver streamers; magical snow glittered in heaps over the threadbare carpets; a great Christmas tree, obtained by Mundungus and decorated with live fairies, blocked Sirius's family tree from view; and even the stuffed elf heads on the hall wall wore Father Christmas hats and beards."

--Order of the Phoenix