Moe Speaks: Desperate Housedog

Last night Mom was pretty upset with me. In the past few days I've chewed up so many things it isn't funny. I can't help it--I just find myself sitting alone all day, being bored, feeling restless, and I just have to chew, chew CHEW! 

And I keep craving the weirdest things, too. Mom has had stacks of books on some lower shelves in the living room for over a year now. When she put them out I sniffed them, and decided they wouldn't taste good. But yesterday something about one caught my eye--it was like it was calling to me. What could I do? I had to chew. It turned out it was a really new one--hence why Mom was upset.

As I bounced around like the Energizer Bunny and Mom picked up the pieces of her former new book, I heard her say "he's just bored to tears, I think maybe I'll take him to daycare tommorow and see if that won't help."

I was so excited when I got up this morning--when Dad tried to get in the shower without me I accidently pulled the curtain down on him! 

Finally we got to leave. If I didn't know better, I'd say Mom was happy to be rid of me when she gave my leash to the daycare lady--well, I guess that's fair because I wasn't all that sorry that she was leaving either; it meant that it was time to play!

And when Dad came to pick me up, the lady told him that I had been really good all day--Mom says if I keep being good I can go back more often! I'm sure it's certainly less expensive than my chewing habit.