Dogs Don't Wait For Santa

So it made me smile today when I read Christie Keith's post on Pet Connection, about not being satisfied that she couldn't get her pups their traditional Christmas goodies until after Christmas.  As she says,

"And there, dear readers, is the entire insane, demented, irrational thing in one tidy little package: The delusion that my dogs know it’s Christmas, or have any idea at all what that might mean.

"Let’s face it. They’re dogs. They wake up every single morning filled with the joyous anticipation that modern children mostly experience only on Dec. 25 at approximately 5 am. One of the things I love best about living with dogs is watching them wake up in the morning, seeing consciousness return to their eyes, their faces light up, and their tails start to thump. You can almost hear them thinking, 'Oh! It’s today! And you! Yay!'"

We humans get so wrapped up in the concept of time and dates that we forget that part of the beauty of dogs is that, they don't.  As Anna the Greyhound (of "Analyzing Anna", see link at right) says,

"The new year will soon be here. It’s called 2007. Humans make a big deal out of this. When a new year begins they draw a line. This line separates their old stuff from their new stuff. Old stuff goes. New stuff comes. Dogs should be careful not to laugh about this."

Yes, my dogs, please don't laugh.  And please forgive me my human silliness--you still aren't getting your toys until Christmas morning.

At least I'm in good company!