Book 7 Title Released!

Per and confirmed by Bloomsbury, the title for the last Harry Potter book is . . . . (don't click further if you don't want to know!)


Here are instructions on how to find the title on

    1. Click on the eraser on the desk to get to the Room of Requirement.
    2. Click on the doorway reflected in the mirror--a tree will appear.
    3. Click in the middle of the actual door--a wreath will appear.
    4. Click on the ceiling as reflected in the mirror--a garland will appear.
    5. Click on the spider web towards the top of the door.
    6. Click on the second wind chime from the right--it will turn into a key.
    7. Drag the key down to the lock to open the door.
    8. A present will be waiting on the desk--click to open it.
    9. Click again on the "Hangman" game that comes out of the present--play hangman to find out the title.

Now that that's out of the way--some comments....

Initially, I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed with the title.  Is "deathly" even a word?  I'm not sure...I guess so, but it just doesn't seem to make sense there.  But I think there's plenty of room for redemption if the story backs the title up.  I wasn't really a fan of "Half-Blood Prince" either, until I read the book and saw how it fit--then I thought it was pretty brilliant.  And I've already read a few theories connecting the "Hallows" in the title to either "Godric's Hollow" or to "Halloween", although tend to think it's more interconnected with the actual definition of Hallow, which, according to Google is "consecrate: render holy by means of religious rites."  I think the "hallowed" places (notice it's plural) will be the locations of moldy-Voldey's horcruxes.

However, more importantly (to me at least) is what the release of the title means for a release date of the book.  Per bullet number 2 of this page from "Accio Quote" (a site that basically exists to keep track of everything Jo has ever said), in 1999 Jo told the National Press Club that she doesn’t like to tell people the titles of her books until they are finished; it's a superstition of hers.  This is not definitive however, as she released the title of HBP on June 28, 2005, but did not announce that she had finished the book (and give a release date) until Christmas of that year (See this page on the Lexicon for my sources).  But regardless I really hope think she wouldn't release the title a whole year and a half early, so I think it's a safe bet that if the book doesn't come out this summer, it will still be out sometime in 2007.  Although there have only been summer release dates so far, maybe this time she'll decide to do it on Halloween--that would certainly play in with the title (although, on the other hand, it's a week day....)  Yup, those are my new official guesses, either 7/7 or sometime near Halloween.