Cry Havoc and Let Slip the HP Theories!

In wake of the new title, there are now a million new theories.  Most will turn out to be incorrect, of course, but here are a few that I really like so far, both from the Leaky Cauldron:

  • In myth, "hallows" is apparently another word for royal regalia.  The list of examples you can get to by following the TLC links reminds me of nothing so much as, "the cup, the locket, the snake...." So instead of the hallows being the places where the horcruxes are, perhaps the hallows will be the horcruxes themselves.
  • Does the way the title was communicated mean anything special?  Here are some references both to the solstice, which was today, and to the fact that the clue was a hang man game.  I don't really think the broken prophecy from OOP ("on the solstice will come a new . . . and none will come after....") was meant to prophesize this book.  I don't really believe that the title release date was planned that far ahead.  However the reference to the hangman game (inside of the cover of "Fantastic Beasts"), with "you die Ron!" written under it, does have me nervous for the youngest Weasley lad (which if you'll remember I said was one of the likelier members of the trio to die).