Ha! Just Desserts

I had decided not to post any more about it--because I hate to give even a smidgen more publicity to nut-jobs like her--but this was too good to pass up.  The Washington Post has given Laura Mallory, Georgia Nazi woman who's trying to ban Harry from schools, their "Idiot of the Year" award.  Here's the snippet:

2006 Idiot of the Year: Laura Mallory, of Loganville, Georgia. This vigilant mother of four has demanded local schools remove Harry Potter from their libraries because, in her analysis, the books are an "evil" attempt to indoctrinate children in Wicca religion. Congratulations Laura, and good luck on your quest to eradicate the dark forces which pollute children's literature.

It's like an early Christmas present to know that the rest of the world thinks she's ridiculous too!