A New Fun Toy For the New Fun Year

Not so very long ago, I was looking for some sort of application that would let me display my pictures online in a pretty way.  I ended up settling on Smugmug, which I've been very pleased with for the most part, but it's still really more like just a photo album than an online "scrapbook". 

Enter the new fun that I discovered tonight--Tabblo.  It's scrapbook-y in all the ways I love (clean, clean lines, room for text, ability to fiddle with sizes and placement) and not in the ways I don't (cluttery backgrounds, cheesy lettering, and etc.)  But a picture's worth a thousand words--check out my first try....

UPDATE:  And my second!  (Give the page a second to fully load, then click on the corners of the "book" to flip the "pages".)