Moe Speaks: Santa Paws Please Come Take My Fido Fleas Back!

On Christmas morning, Mom was really excited because Santa brought me a "Fido Fleas Cloud Bed". I thought my squeaky toys were more fun, but the Fido Fleas was still awful nice to chew on so I thought, "Ehh, whatever."

But now Mom has kicked me off of MY bed (the one I generously share with her and Dad) and is expecting me to sleep on the Fido Fleas all the time! She says it's time I learn to be big and sleep in my own bed. I keep trying to tell her that I have been sleeping in MY bed, but everytime I try she puts me back on the Fido Fleas, even if I wait until the middle of the night when I think she's sleeping! 

Clearly it's time for the Fido Fleas to make a strange disappearance....