Playing With Scanography

Img184_1Sweet Husband, Nice Redhead Friend, and I braved the ice and snow today, to go to one of the neatest art exhibits I've been to in quite awhile.  The artist's name is Bill Bowerman, and he uses found objects and various lighting techniques to make beautiful "scanographs"  (Check out just a few of the things that were in the exhibit here, and an online chat with Bowerman here). 

Of course, when I got home I just had to try it for myself--mine aren't nearly as cool as "the Scan Man's", but I really had fun trying.  This paperwhite blossom is one of the things I made, and here are a few more.  I think the biggest challenge was keeping the scanner bed clean--that and finding things that scanned well (for example, some loose tea that I tried just ended up looking blah).  But overall, I was pretty pleased with some of my results, and I can't wait for gardening season--this is definitely going to put a new angle on things!