A Really Cold Walk With Really Nice People

Dsc05154On hearing that Sweet Husband, due to his winter-time graduation, was not going to get a trip down the hill, his co-worker's decided that just wouldn't do.

(Brief explanation for those unlucky souls who are not Jayhawks:  As part of graduation at KU, graduates walk down the pictured hill from the Memorial Campanile (big bell tower thing in the background) to the football stadium where graduation ceremonies take place.  People are generally very festive and jovial as they parade down, and much fun is had.  It's a big KU tradition.)

So, this morning--despite the fact that the hill was covered with ice and the temperature was below 20--Sweet Husband's nice co-workers gathered together for a very chilly walk.  There were balloons, champagne was had, the school song was sung, er, hummed--in short, it was probably better than actual graduation.  More pictures are here.

(And afterward we all warmed up with a very tasty brunch--thanks again Nice Sweet Husband's Boss!)