Moe Speaks: I Found a Turtle

My very favorite Christmas toy's name is Turtle because he is, in fact, a Turtle. Lately Mom has been using him to play the "find-it" game--Mom hides Turtle, and I have to find him. 

For awhile Mom was hiding Turtle in plain sight, but tonight she started hiding him under things. She says if I'm ever going to be a Senior Earthdog I'm going to need to learn to use my nose a little better, hence the new challenge.

Mom started by hiding him under a blanket on the couch, then she tucked him back under the covers in my crate--when I found Turtle both times Mom said we could do something harder. She made me sit-stay downstairs while she hid Turtle upstairs under the bed covers in the dark bedroom. It took me lots of sniffing, but I finally found him! Mom was so proud!