Art Refresher


Working in fits and spurts, I've been adding a few new bits of art to my office this past month.  I spend a lot of the week staring at the walls there, to be sure, so it's always felt necessary to me to make them as beautiful as I can.

Up top is a print by one of my favorite local artists, Angie Pickman, aka Rural Pearl.  Her cut paper pieces are intricate marvels.  They're not quite the same when made into prints, but the prints are beautiful in their own right, too.

Below is something I put togther myself, with inspiration from Jenntage.  (She doesn't have any word hoops in her shop right this second, which is part of why I decided to DIY it, but hopefully they'll be back soon.  I saw them first on Whatever.)  The "Fail Better" is one of my favorite quotes.  It's particularly applicable to criminal law, but also--I find more and more every day--to life in general. 

Does anyone else have any etsy shops or smaller artists that I need to check out to make my space prettier?