Mon Petit Chou*

Dsc05300_1Here's a winter time spin on a side dish I picked up as a wee lass chopping my first veggies at Nice Dad's knee.  Dad's original recipe called for wrapping a quartered head of cabbage in bacon, wrapping it in foil, and popping it on the grill until nice and tender. 

But since our grill is covered in ice and we had neither bacon nor foil, we rubbed our cabbage quarters with just a leeetle bit of butter, and sprinkled them with lemon pepper.  We popped them on a baking sheet in the oven for about a half an hour at 425ish, and the result was very nice.  (Note:  I like my cabbage a little crunchy, if you like yours more tender leave it in the oven longer.)  I really liked how they came out looking a just a little bit browned and ruffled at the edges--very pretty and very tasty.  Don't feel bad if you end up eating it with your fingers.

(*Translation="my little cabbage" which, in addition to being an apt descriptor of my dinner tonight, is also a term of endearment in France.)