Moe Speaks: I'm a Sledding Dog

I had the greatest birthday! 

It snowed last night really hard--up to my elbows almost. Mom said we were going to go for a walk on a new trail and try to see some Eagles for my birthday, but she wasn't very sure we'd be able to get to it with all the snow. But before I could get too sad, she said she'd thought of something better.

We went to the store and bought a long red thing--I hadn't ever seen anything quite like it before, so I wasn't sure what it was. Then we went to Mom and Dad's old School. There were lots of people there, and they were sitting on all kinds of different things and sliding down the hill. Turns out, the red thing was a sled and we were going to use it to sit on and slide down the hill too.

I was excited and nervous all at once. The first time we tried to go down the hill, Mom tried to hold me on our sled with her. 

Mom is a BAD DRIVER! We got going way too fast, and then we crashed and burned! After that I decided it was much more fun to run next to the sled, instead. I even pulled it a little. I went with Mom, I went with Dad, I ran up the hill, and down the hill.... And finally when I just couldn't sled anymore, we came home and I took a nice long nap in front of the fire Dad built.

It was a good day....

You can see lots of pictures here, and Dad made a movie here.