Draco is Good?

My dream last night....

Hermione, Draco, and I (as Harry) were standing on top of this big hill overlooking Hogwarts.  A car from the Hogwarts Express was stuck nearby, and it was full of first years.  Draco and I were kinda-sorta fighting when we all of a sudden realized (I'm not sure what triggered it) that Voldemort was coming.  We both knew that he would kill all the first-years in the car so we immediately stopped fighting and started trying to push the car down the hill so they could get away.  We pushed as hard as we could, but it wouldn't budge.  Then, from out of nowhere came a co-worker of mine (known for being exceptionally strong for her size) who shoved the car causing it to zoom down the hill.  Then I woke up.

So, what can you, gentle-reader-hanging-on-my-every-word take from my dream?  Only this, when push came to shove (literally) Draco was a good guy and didn't leave his fellow students to die.