The Best Laid Plans

You know, sometimes you can eat something 100 times, and then the 101st your stomach just says, "Um, ya know, no."  So, home sick today after that 101st run-in with some Pad Thai, I took some expert advice and used the time between urka-gurkas to plan next summer's garden.

Img186After reading back over some of the stuff I wrote last year, I decided less is more--i.e. 2 kinds of tomatoes instead of 6, 1 pepper instead of 2, just a few kinds of flowers that are suited to Kansas summer and won't die if I don't make it out to water for a day.  Because although the overgrown jungle, tomato-plants-eating-each-other look is kind of tropical (in a very weird way), it really only leads to starving plants that don't make much fruit.  And, as much fun as it is to get 1 strawberry for every month you fret over them, or to have so much basil that you can't even look at a pesto for the next year; there really are other, more fun ways to get much better results for much less time and effort--e.g. Lawson's pick-your-own berry patch, the Farmer's Market, the gazillion other local farms in the area.

Whether or not all this cool logic survives the first trip to Sunrise for plants and, that might be another issue altogether.  But at least I have a plan.