Holy Cow(scapes)!

Img187Sometime this summer, I was at the frame shop waiting my turn when I noticed that the lady* in front of me had a very interesting little print.  When I asked, she said it was a photo she had taken herself.  Turns out she was a local artist whose latest project was taking pictures of cows in such a way that they looked like landscapes.  Being a big fan of art that makes people smile, I thought her "cowscape" was charming.

So, when I was surfing through the paper this morning and saw that even more of her cows were going to be part of tonight's downtown gallery walk (article here), I decided I needed to go see some moo...er, um, more.

The slide show doesn't really do the cows justice.  Up close (and 5 times the size of course) you can really suspend reality and see the cow as a prairie landscape.  The hairy texture looks like exotic grass with a wide blue sky background.  They were gorgeous, I only wish she would do more.

(*My mysterious bovine-loving, frame-shop lady's name is Rachael Sudlow.  In addition to her cow pictures, she also sells jewelry.)