The Summer of Harry--Let the Countdown Begin!

Dh_paperFresh from the news section of Jo's website, the big day for Deathly Hallows will be July 21, 2007!  I was hoping to find some sort of explanation as to why this date was chosen (as opposed to the kinda more exciting dates that are so near it--i.e. 7/7/07 or even 7/31/07) but there's not much to be found yet.  This article does have a little more information about expected size and price, however.

Goodness, what a fun few weeks that's going to be!  The OP moving on the 13th, and then just a week later we get the new book....I'll be so excited it'll be insufferable.  I had always kind of planned to go to Scotland for the last hurrah.  I don't think finances are going to make that quite possible, but I'm thinking of planning a big Potter Party as some consolation.

But for now, the countdown has begun....161 days for the movie, 169 until the book.  Woo-hoo!