The Education of a (Wanna-Be) Wandering Dog

Although I know it's not appropriate for all dogs (the very badly behaved or dogs like Porter who just plain don't like unfamiliar places), if you have a fairly well-trained, happy-go-lucky pup I absolutely love the idea of vacationing with your dog.  In fact we're currently in the early stages of planning a trip out west with the Wee-Welshman this summer.

Preliminary research indicates that it's not as difficult as you think it is.  Admittedly it takes a little extra cash (again, not as much as you think), but mostly it seems to be a matter of planning.  And part of the fun part of planning any kind of travel is that you always come across stuff that just completely broadens your original plans. 

Like this website I found today--Scottie Tails.  These pups have seen more of the world than most people have, and they're such terribly charming travelers.  Who knows, maybe someday we'll take Moe on his own Grand Tour of Europe--sounds like it might make a good book....