A McTheory

I have a theory related to next weeks Grey's Anatomy.  (If you don't watch, what's wrong with you?!)  I actually very rarely have theories about TV shows, so I'm going to share this one.  If I'm right, I can come back next week and gloat; if I'm wrong I just won't ever mention it again.  Fair?  OK.  (FYI--SPOILERS.) 

So, my mctheory is....

The rumor mill says someone dies tonight and someone dies next week, but only one will stay dead. The little blond girl is a metaphor for Meredith. She was traumatized by the accident and couldn't talk, but then she found her mom and everything was OK again.

Similarly, Meredith was traumatized by what happened with Ellis.  She couldn't talk about it.  I think Ellis is going to die and become one of the people in Meredith's near-death-dream.  They'll patch things up, and then Meredith will come back to life and Ellis will be the one that really dies.

Also, this makes sense because I really don't think they're going to kill Meredith.  Although it would be very interesting, I think they've still got a lot to do with her.  And while it certainly would be a surprise in some ways (i.e. no one expects them to kill the main character) it wouldn't be in others (i.e. she was already mostly dead at the end of tonight).  And since no one else is really in any danger--everyone is sitting safely outside of Meredith's hospital room--that leaves Ellis as the only other fairly major character to die.

So there ya go, that's what I think.