Pan's Labyrinth

Pan_posterSweet Husband and I went to see "Pan's Labyrinth" last night.  Definitely not a kid's movie, but for grown-ups who haven't grown out of fairytales, it was incredible. 


The movie is about a little girl named Ofelia, living at a military outpost during the Spanish Civil War.  There are almost two stories going on--the reality of the war, the girl's sick mother, and evil step-father, and then the fairytale world Ofelia retreats into.  In the fairy world, Ofelia discovers a faun who sets her three tasks that she has to complete in order to escape reality and reclaim her rightful place as a princess in the fairy world.

You're never sure if the fairy creatures are real or just in Ofelia's imagination, in the end Sweet Husband said he didn't think it really mattered because Ofelia thought they were real.  I'm not sure if I agree, because I think the girl might have stayed alive long enough to go away with the nice house keeper Mercedes if she wasn't completing the faun's tasks.  So really if the faun was real, then she did the right thing and was able to escape into the fairy tale world.  If the faun wasn't real, she died because of her imagination--very sad.  But either way, very interesting to think about.

I have to say the violence made me cringe a few times, but at the same time I don't think it was gratuitous.  I don't think the fantasy world would be as wonderful without the reality as a foil.  I don't think Ofelia would have been so driven to complete the faun's task without the horror of her real life pushing her on.

Overall, as I said, not for kids, but definitely one you should go see.