The Chocolate Chip Cookie Gene

Chocolatechipcookies My mom makes the most amazing chocolate chip cookies; they're a perfect consistency, just the right mix between crunchy and cakey.  Sweet Husband's mom is also a great baker, and his sister even gets creative and throws in things like oatmeal and nuts. 

So how is it that neither Sweet Husband, nor I, can consistently make decent chocolate chip cookies?

We try so hard--following the recipe on the Nestle Tollhouse bag to the letter--exact amount of flour and sugar, perfectly "softened" butter (not too hot or too cold) . . . . But somehow it just rarely works out.  We either get gritty batter that leads to cakey, off-tasting cookies; or we get the runny stuff that turns into cookies so hard you could use them as projectile weapons. 

Tonight we ended up with the gritty batter.  It wasn't even good enough to lick the beaters, so we didn't even try bake a batch of cookies--just scraped the batter straight into the trash can.  If not for the obvious proof otherwise, I would say it's just not in our genes . . . .