March Insanity!

You will notice that I have posted my NCAA tournament bracket guesses predictions (see links at top right).  I am not ordinarily a huge basketball fan, but this time of year--well, it's just more fun to be part of the crowd than not.  And I like the fact that, given all the surprises that seem to happen, people who know nothing (e.g. me) have about as much of a chance of making correct predictions as basketball experts.

1946jh_1Do I really think Kansas will go all the way?  Honestly, I don't know enough to know.  But they are my alma matter, and betting against them seems like (to borrow a Grey's Anatomy phrase) bad juju.  Also, they don't play a team that starts with "B" in the first round this year, so that has to be a good sign, right?

Go Hawks!